Wonder Spirits

Q. What is Wonder Spirits – namco presents i/o?

Coming off a successful 27-volume series of Namco Game Sound Express, Namco set out to further release a set of 18 soundtracks for their arcadereleases at the time (1997-1998). As I worked at a Namco arcade in Boston from 1997-1998, I’m very, very interested in these.

Within Pony Canyon distribution, a famous Japanese record label, lies an imprint/sub-label named Wonder Spirits, the majority of which were these late 90’s Namco arcade game soundtracks (an even small imprint/sub-label, namco presents i/o).

This collection will include just the Namco arcade game soundtracks on this record label. There is an exceedingly strange assortment of other games with soundtrack releases on the rest of the label, which will not be included here as this sub-label clearly dominates the output.

Q. What makes these discs special?
Out of the 18 releases, 5 of them have a special data track, containing interviews, videos, and information about the game. Most of the assets can be accessed from any computer, but the full experience requires a Windows 95 computer with Macromedia Flash and Quicktime 2.1 These so called “Enhanced Discs” are denoted with “EX” in the title, and a “Made with Macromedia” logo on the Obi. Not only are the games fairly rare in some cases, some of them are so small time that it’s amazing a physically-pressed CD collection of soundtracks for them exists.

Q. What are you doing for preservation?
Aside from ripping FLAC, Log 100%, including the best scans I can make at the time, I’m also submitting the discs’ information to Redump.org, which catalogs and preserves physical media.

By dumping these discs, like I have done for Namco Game Sound Express, there is now a group of people who have a bin/cue copy of the album, which is a byte-for-byte dump of the disc. There’s no loss, no compression, just the full disc recordings. If the entire torrent-sphere blew up, with all the copies of the FLAC rips, one could get the disc image from Redump.org, and make your own (Logless) rips, lossy or lossless. The disc is truly preserved.

My goal is to preserve all 18 discs.

Status of Wonder Spits preservation – March 2022

No.Catalog No.NameBest AvailableMy Release
1WSCAX-10001TEKKEN 3 arcade soundtrack 001 exFLAC (Log 100%)Here
2WSCAX-10002TIME CRISIS Arcade Soundtrack 002 EXFLAC (Log 100%)Here
3WSCA-00001XEVIOUS 3D/G+ PlayStation soundtrack 001FLAC (Log 100%)Here
4WSCAX-10003ARMADILLO RACING Arcade Soundtrack 003 EXFLAC (Log 100%)Here
5WSCA-00002ALPINE RACER 2 Arcade Soundtrack 004FLAC (Log 100%)Here
6WSCA-00003ACE DRIVER Series Arcade Soundtrack 005FLAC (Log 100%)Here
7WSCAX-10004PROP CYCLE Arcade Soundtrack 006 EXFLAC (Log 100%)Here
8WSCA-00004FINAL FURLONG Arcade Soundtrack 007FLAC (Log 100%)Here
9WSCAX-10005TOKYO WARS Arcade Soundtrack 008 EXFLAC (Log 100%)Here
10WSCA-00005AQUA JET Arcade Soundtrack 009FLAC (Log 100%)Here
11WSCA-00009NAMCO CLASSIC COLLECTION VOL.1 arcade soundtrack 010FLAC (Log 100%)Here
12WSCA-00010ALPINE SURFER Arcade Soundtrack 011FLAC (Log 100%)Here
13WSCA-00012NAMCO CLASSIC COLLECTION VOL.2 arcade soundtrack 012FLAC (Log 100%)Here
14WSCA-00013DANCING EYES Arcade Soundtrack 013FLAC (Log 100%)Here
15WSCA-00015RAPID RIVER Arcade Soundtrack 014MP3 VBR V2
16WSCA-00016TEKKEN 3 PlayStation Soundtrack 002FLAC (Log 100%)Here
17WSCA-00017DIRT DASH arcade soundtrack 015FLAC (Log 100%)Here
18WSCA-00021TIME CRISIS II Arcade Soundtrack 016FLAC (Log 100%)Here

Only Rapid River remains, if you have an original physical copy, please get in touch!

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