NOURS Magazine – Volume 6 – Winter 1994

My first foray into NOURS preservation has yielded some fantastic results. Amazingly, this early issue was released mere days before the PSX launch in Japan. There’s a wonderful selection of full-page spread previews of Namco’s PSX launch lineup, including Ridge Racer, Cybersled, Starblade, and Tekken.

This is somewhat astonishing of a launch lineup from Namco, and I feel that it’s at this point, the graphical lines between arcade games and home ports of those arcade games truly started to blur. In November 1994, Tekken 1 was less than a year old in arcades, and was already receiving a port that was superior in a lot of ways.

Also covered is Ace Driver, meant at this time to be an evolution on Namco’s racing model, but sadly the franchise only lasted a couple games.

There’s a wonderful guide to spending Christmas night at Wonder Eggs with all-new redemption games! There’s a small preview of Gunbullet, known in the west as Point Blank, along with some other games, a handful of console previews, and some other assorted fun!

発売直前 緊急特集

Page 3…        プレイステーションの近未来

Page 12…     -NEW MACHINE-ACE DRIVER 走りの進化
イスアクター -連載 [声優はホモ・ルーデンス]

Page 16…     第5回檜山修之さん 緒方恵美 さん

Page 19…     -MUSIC 界の冒険者たち / 穴井夕子さん


Page 22…     読者参加企画 第1弾 『読者大いに語る』

Page 24…     一連載 『日本を遊ぶ」 in SHIN KOBE

Page 26…     X'マスナイトはメダルゲームで

Page 30…     ドラマチック・クリスマス

Page 31…     おウチで簡単イタトマ料理 フリーデコレーションのX'マスチョコレートケーキ

Page 32…     ELEMECHA FLASH 新製品を狙え! ●モスキートアタック ガンバレット

Page 34…     この冬ハマル、この1本
SFC スーパーファミリーサーキット/SFC ミリティア/ SFC ワギャンパラダイス/GB バックパニック/
SFC バックインタイム/GB バックインタイム/ CD-ROM ラスオブザゴッド神々の怒り

Page 38…     読者 PRESENT

Urgent special feature just before release

Page 3… The near future of PlayStation
● Special interview
● This is a fulfilling Namcot lineup
Ridge Racer / Cyber ​​Sled / Starblade / Tekken

Page 12… -NEW MACHINE-ACE DRIVER Evolution of driving
Chair Actor-Serialized [Voice actor is Homo Ludens]

Page 16… The 5th Nobuyuki Hiyama Megumi Ogata

Page 19… -Adventurers in the MUSIC world / Yuko Anai


Page 22… Reader participation project 1st “Readers talk a lot”

Page 24… Series "Playing Japan" in SHIN KOBE

Page 26… X'Mass Night is a medal game

Page 30… Dramatic Christmas

Page 31… Easy tomato dishes at home X'mas chocolate cake with free decoration

Page 32… ELEMECHA FLASH Aim for new products! ● Mosquito Attack Gun Barrett

Page 34… This winter Hamar, this one
SFC Super Family Circuit / SFC Militia / SFC Wagyan Paradise / GB Back Panic /
SFC Back-in Time / GB Back-in Time / CD-ROM Russ of the God The Wrath of the Gods

Page 38… Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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