NOURS Magazine – Volume 7 – Spring 1995

An unusual issue that acts almost like a travel brochure at times than a games magazine. There’s a fantastic, aesthetically pleasing photo of “Cyber World”, I had never before seen the Cyberstation font with different letters, and these photos of old arcades have been a treat for me, personally.

We have some early arcade coverage of Air Combat 22, this must have seemed really advanced for the time. I believe this is still not emulated in MAME, and I’d love to try it some day.

Cyber Commando! This here is the sequel to Cybersled, which was not necessarily an amazing game by any means, but it was a special game for me when I first started going to arcades. It was well into the 2000’s before I was made aware there was a sequel. Shinji Hosoe actually released the soundtrack to this game (and Cybersled) on CD not too long ago, amazingly.

There’s an interview with Jim Carrey promoting “The Mask.”

On page 18, there’s some fantastic screenshots of some Namco arcades, but especially a full-scale Galaxian 3 – Attack of the Zolgear!

Page 38 has some photos of new Namco home console releases at the time, and this is where I discovered that PSX games in Japan came with an obi! Wonders never cease to amaze.


Page 3: 香港優遊 故事・ AMUSEMENT STORY

Page 9: 最新3D シューティング・ゲーム 「エアーコンバット22』

Page 12: サイバーコマンド 必勝法

Page 14: 連載 [コメディアンはホモ・ルーデンス] 第6回ジム・キャリー

Page 16: MUSIC界の冒険者たち/椎名へきるさん

Page 17: ナムコワンダーエッグ/たまご帝国 情報

Page 18: 連載 「日本を遊ぶ』 in TSUDANUMA

Page 20: イタリアン・トマト TOKYO ケーキファクトリー探検記

Page 22: Let's LEGO

Page 24: 大公開、これがマッハ島だ!! 超人になりだければ、このゲームをやれっ!!

Page 26: ゲームはインタラクティブ・ムービー vol.5 『アウトフォクシーズ』

Page 28: ELEMECHA FLASH 新製品を狙え! •たいかばにっく 激突!!ゴジラVSキングギドラ

Page 30: スーパーファミスタ4 今度は3D映像で、さらに本物の臨場感。 日本人ならファミスタやろが!

Page 33: テイルファンタジア ナムコ初のファンタジーRPGがついにヴェールを脱いた!


Page 36: 読者参加企画 『読者大いに語る』

Page 38: 読者PRESENT

Special Feature

Page 3: Hong Kong Yuyu Story / AMUSEMENT STORY

Page 9: Latest 3D shooting game "Air Combat 22"

Page 12: Cyber ​​Command Winning Methods

Page 14: Jim Carrey special

Page 16: Adventurers in the MUSIC world / Hekiru Shiina

Page 17: Wonder Eggs / Egg Empire Information

Page 18: Series "Playing Japan" in TSUDANUMA

Page 20: Italian Tomato TOKYO Cake Factory Expedition

Page 22: Let's LEGO

Page 24: Open to the public, this is Mach Island !! If you become a superhuman, play this game !!

Page 26: The game is an interactive movie vol.5 "The Outfoxies"

Page 28: ELEMECHA FLASH Aim for new products! • Clash with Takaba Nikku !! Godzilla VS King Ghidorah

Page 30: Super Famista 4 This time, with 3D images, you can feel the realism. If you are Japanese, you should be a family stadium!

Page 33: Tales of Phantasia Namco's first fantasy RPG is finally unveiled!


Page 36: Reader participation project "Readers talk a lot"

Page 38: Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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