NOURS Magazine – Volume 43 – Winter 2003

We jump ahead just a bit, to the year 2003. You all remember that, don’t you? The next release will be back in the 1990’s. Which is a good time to mention, if you all have some of these early copies of this magazine, please do get in touch!

Page 3… 	特集 

Page 10… 	開発者爆裂トーク
GC バテン・カイトス 終わらない翼と失われた海/
PS2・GC・Xbox R:レーシングエヴォリューション/
PS2 ニーナ(仮)/PS2 ケイナ/
PS2 ゼノサーガ エピソードII[善悪の彼岸]/
PS2 塊魂/XBOX ブレイクダウン/

Page 17… 	「テイルズ オブ シンフォニア」
Goods Information

Page 18…  	ナムコ・ドンだ〜ページ出張版
●PS2 太鼓の達人 わくわくアニメ祭り/●PS2 太鼓の達人 あっぱれ三代目

Page 20…  	NEW MACHINE FLASH 新製品を狙え!特別編

Page 22… 	鍛えよ!戦え!そして最強のドラゴンを目指せ!

Page 23… 	ワクワク系ロケーション通信

Page 24… 	「甦る麺の聖地」 大阪ヌードルシティ



Page 27… 	新着 ケータイで遊ぼう

Page 30… 	あの『未来忍者』がDVDで復活!
ゆめりあ夢気分 出張版

Page 3: Nina Williams of Tekken fame, covers the last 10 years of Sweet Land redemption games

Page 10: An interview with Tadashi Nomura, producer for Baiten Kaitos

Page 12: Previews of R: Racing Evolution, Death by Degrees, Kaena, Xenosaga Episode II, Katamari Damacy, and Xbox futures

Page 17: Tales of Symphonia toys and mechandise

Page 18: Donder Page, coverage of Taiko no Tatsujin games

Page 20: New redemption/hybrid games: Happy! Omikuji, Dokidoki! Flower, and Kisekae Studio

Page 21: A comic I'd love to have someone translate.

Page 22: A wild card-based touch screen game, Dragon Chronicle, where you can train your dragon and battle against other players

Page 23: Coverage of a new Namco Land store in Kazo Katakura Park

Page 24: The grand opening of Osaka Noodle City

Page 26: Kairan Gogai, food theme park run by Namco

Page 27: Coverage of lots of mobile games Namco is putting out

Page 28: The 1988 Namco-made film "Mirai Ninja" (An insane film), has been released on DVD, also coverage of Yumeria

Page 31: Readers write in

Page 32: NOURS Information

Page 34: Contest page for NOURS readers

Special thanks to iyasu and Foxhack for translation assistance.

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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