NOURS Magazine – Volume 9 – Autumn 1995

In this issue, the main focus seems to be a “snow festival”, which appears to be a general snow gear convention. The really interesting thing though to me, is that I always thought of Alpine Racer, and more accurately their skiers having a certain clothing style that was exclusive to the game. As in, Namco developers just picked “skier clothes”, and called it a day.

However, this snow festival shows that this is precisely how skiers dressed at the time!

There’s also a couple pages on Rave Racer, which is a really good game! It’s too bad it never got a real home release. There was some of its DNA that made its way home via Rage Racer for PlayStation, as well as some of the soundtrack coming out later in other Ridge Racer games, but this remains a special game if you have a means to play it.

Also, did you know Namco published games for Windows 95? There’s The Psychotron and Quantum Gate I, both of which seems like haggard FMV titles, and both have been preserved in Redump and viewable on YouTube. Care to have a try?


Page 3: (遊) スキー講座

Page 10: 連載 [格闘家はホモ・ルーデンス ] 第8回佐竹雅昭 さん

Page 14: ホテル・ザ・ヘル 残暑はこれで吹っ飛ばせ!! リアルタイム3D-CGレーシングゲーム レイブレーサー

Page 18: 連載 ・連載 『日本を遊ぶ』 in ISESAKI in MAEBASHI, in SINGAPORE

Page 22: CD-ROM ニュース サイコトロン/クァンタム・ゲート Ⅰ

Page 24: まだまだ続く! Jリーグ戦国時代!! SFC プライムゴール3 PS プライムゴールEX

Page 26: 恋愛寿命+肉体寿命 X-DAY2 『若者カップル余命1年か 『既婚者4割、 今世紀中に破局 ●日本人絶滅か 恋愛ゾンビ 地球最期の日 臨死体験回数/他

Page 28 ELEMECHA FLASH 新製品を狙え ●キャッチンガーZ新景品紹介

Page 30: 読者参加企画 『読者大いに語る』 


Page 34: 読者 PRESENT

Special feature

Page 3: (Yu) Ski course

Page 10: Serialization [Fighter is Homo Ludens] 8th Masaaki Satake

Page 14: Hotel the Hell Blow away the heat with this !! Real-time 3D-CG racing game Rave Racer

Page 18: Serialization ・ Serialization "Playing Japan" in ISESAKI in MAEBASHI, in SINGAPORE

Page 22: CD-ROM News Psychotron / Quantum Gate I

Page 24: It's still going on! J League Sengoku Era !! SFC Prime Goal 3 PS Prime Goal EX

Page 26: Love life + Physical life X-DAY2 "Young couple life 1 year or" 40% of married people, catastrophic during this century ● Japanese extinction or love zombies Earth's last day Near-death experience / etc.

Page 28 ELEMECHA FLASH Aiming for new products ● Catchinger Z new prize introduction

Page 30: Reader participation project "Readers talk a lot"


Page 34: Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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