NOURS Magazine – Volume 8 – Summer 1995

In this issue, there’s an extensive feature on something (page 3). Please get in touch on twitter @namcostyle if you know!

There’s also what I consider the shining inclusion in this issue, which I believe is the largest Cyber Cycles feature I’ve seen to date. I’m still bummed that game never got a home release. It’s pretty limited, but it could have appeared on an arcade compilation for sure.

We visit the city of Kuwana, and experience the raw, pure aesthetic of their game centres. They were likely ordinary for the time, but would be candidates for vaporwave artwork in today’s modern times.

There’s fantastic coverage here of the PlayStation ports of both Tekken 1 and Ace Combat (Air Combat). Given that this issue covers exclusively the home versions of these games, four months before the PlayStation launched in the United States, is a bit of a watershed moment here.

Page 3: 遊 大江戸見聞録

Page 10: 連載 [漫画家はホモ・ルーデンス] 第7回 ほり のぶゆきさん

Page 13: MUSIC界の冒険者たち/吉田由香里さん

Page 14: システム・スーパー22搭載 サイバーサイクルズ

Page 18: 連載『日本を遊ぶ』 ●in KUWANDA

Page 20: おウチで簡単イタマ料理 チョコレートクレープ&フルーツクレープ

Page 22: PS『鉄拳』禁断の隠しワザ大公開

Page 26: 大空の英雄—“撃墜王”を目指せ! PS『エースコンバット』

Page 28: ELEMECHA FLASH 新製品を狙え! ●空気早入れ選手権

Page 30: 読者参加企画 『読者大いに語る』


Page 34: 読者PRESENT

Special feature
Page 3: Yudai Edo memoirs

Page 10: Serialization [Cartoonist is Homo Ludens] 7th Nobuyuki Hori

Page 13: Adventurers in the MUSIC world / Yukari Yoshida

Page 14: System Super 22 installed Cyber ​​Cycles

Page 18: Serialization "Playing Japan" ● in KUWANDA

Page 20: Easy Itama Cuisine with Home Chocolate Crepes & Fruit Crepes

Page 22: PS "Tekken" forbidden hidden tricks open to the public

Page 26: Hero of the Sky — Aim for the “King Down”! PS “Ace Combat”

Page 28: ELEMECHA FLASH Aim for new products! ● Air early entry championship

Page 30: Reader participation project "Readers talk a lot"


Page 34: Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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