NOURS Magazine – Volume 4 – Summer 1994

We have in this issue a HUGE Namco 40th anniversary retrospective. Lots of humble beginnings, and a “Where we’re at/the future”-style topics, that are themselves now ancient history.

I really enjoyed a bit on page 7 where they discuss “Hey here’s our overseas arcade, and there’s a Cyberstation and Aladdin’s castle, which is how I know Namco arcades as, personally.

A nice retrospective on Tinkle Pit takes over a spread, as well as an awesome deep dive of NebulasRay, which is not only a fantastic game, it’s the second game produced by the F/A team (thanks Nours, for this info.)

We have a wacky Godzilla feature, a trip to Wakayama and Toyama for Namco game centers there, and in the Elemecha Flash zone, we dive into Shoot Away II (which appears to be an FMV game?) Sweet Factory, and Shark Panic. There’s a bit of coverage of a Formula One racing event that Namco has apparently sponsored, at least in some part, and they throw in some Final Lap R information also.

Over on the Namcot side, we have YuYu Hakusho 2 for SNES, as well as Prime Goal 2.

Over in the Italian Tomato world, we have outlined for us how to make a spaghetti dish with asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, bacon and fried onions (delicious!)

Some wild photos of old-school Namco arcade times in this one, so check it out!

Editor’s note: This issue smelled so badly of cigarette smoke that I had to wash my hands after, and it has smelled up my scanning office, as well as my scanner. Though, cigarette grime is temporary, scans are forever.


Page 3: 祝 ナムコ THE 40th Anniversary

Page 9: ナムコ 40周年記念 どこか懐かしい 『ティンクルピット』のひ・み・つ

Page 12: 一極秘入手『ネビュラスレイ』 制圧軍機分析リスト

Page 14: -連載「アクターはホモ・ルーデンス] 第4回 ラクダ 薩摩剣八郎さん ゴジラ俳優

Page 17: MUSIC界の冒険者たち 須藤あきらさん

Page 18: 連載 『日本を遊ぶ』 in WAKAYAMA in TOYAMA

Page 22: ELEMECHA FLASH 新製品を狙え! ●ニューシュータウェイII・ラピッドファイヤー ●ニュースウィートファクトリー

Page 24: ゲームはインタラクティブムービー vol.3 『サメサメパニック』 いよいよ開幕した '94年 F1GP 26 最大の注目株はシューマッハ&アレジ

Page 28: ーできたて新製品情報幽☆遊☆白書 2

Page 30: Jリーグサッカー プライムゴール2 手ごわい2チームと新システムを加え TV画面にJリーグ新シーズン開幕

Page 31: おウチで簡単イタマ料理 ガーリックと赤唐がらしのピリカラが決め手。 アツアツで食べよう グリーンアスパラのスパゲッティ


Page 34: 読者参加企画大募集

Page 35: 読者 PRESENT

Special feature

Page 3: Celebration Namco THE 40th Anniversary

Page 9: Namco 40th Anniversary "Tinkle Pit"

Page 12: Top secret acquisition "NebulasRay" Suppression military aircraft analysis list

Page 14: -Serial "Actor is Homo Ludens] 4th Camel Kenpachiro Satsuma Godzilla Actor

Page 17: Adventurers in the MUSIC world Akira Sudo

Page 18: Serialization "Playing Japan" in WAKAYAMA in TOYAMA

Page 22: ELEMECHA FLASH Aim for new products! ● New Shooter Way II ・ Rapid Fire ● New Sweet Factory

Page 24: The game is an interactive movie vol.3 "Shark Panic" finally started 1994 F1GP 26 The most notable stock is Schumacher & Alesi

Page 28: -New product information YuYu Hakusho 2

Page 30: J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2 Formidable 2 teams and new system added to TV screen to start new season of J-League

Page 31: Easy Itama cuisine with garlic and red tanged sardines are the decisive factors. Let's eat hot green asparagus spaghetti


Page 34: Recruitment of reader participation plans

Page 35: Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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