NOURS Magazine – Volume 15 – Spring 1997

What we have here is a lightning powerbomb of nostalgia for me in this issue. Consider this:

A wonderful spread about Namco’s Wonder Tower, 6 floors of arcade insanity.

The first coverage of the arcade version of Tekken 3

The premiere of Armadillo Racing

Time Crisis, Ace Combat 2 and Xevious 3D/G+ for PSX

Read it, consume it, enjoy it, please.

Page 3: 特 集
ナムコ・ワンダータワー京都店 オモシロ度徹底比較
Page 14: 『鉄拳3』ハード&ソフト開発スタッフインタビュー

Page 17: 『子育てクイズマイエンジェル2』

Page 18: トラックボールでアルマジロを走らせろ!
Page 20: PS タイムクライシス/PS エースコンバット2/PS ゼビウス3D/G+

Page 24: 祝! ナムコ・ワンダーエッグ2 5周年

Page 26: おウチで簡単イタトマ料理
Page 28: NEW MACHINE FLASH 新製品を狙え!
●スピン・ザ・スピン ●パックアドベンチャー ●パックエイト

Page 30: 読者参加企画 『読者大いに語る』


Page 34: 読者PRESENT

Page 3: Special collection
Gather young people! Relief corps
In-store questionnaire 324 people !!
Namco Wonder Tower Kyoto Store Thorough comparison of fun
Page 14: "Tekken 3" Hard & Software Development Staff Interview

Page 17: "Child-rearing Quiz My Angel 2"

Page 18: Run armadillos with a trackball!
Breakthrough new sensation animal racing game
"Armadillo Racing"
Page 20: PS Time Crisis / PS Ace Combat 2 / PS Xevious 3D / G +

Page 24: Congratulations! Namco Wonder Eggs 2 5th Anniversary
Marriage qualification judgment attraction "Wedding Judge" appeared

Page 26: Easy tomato dishes at home
"Spaghetti with tomato flavored scampi"
Page 28: NEW MACHINE FLASH Aim for new products!
● Spin the Spin ● Pac Adventure ● Pac Eight

Page 30: Reader participation project "Readers talk a lot"


Page 34: Reader PRESENT

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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