NOURS Magazine – Volume 41 – Summer 2003

A unique feature here, exploring the special relationship between games and food. I tend to think mostly of Cheeto dust-encrusted controllers in this capacity, but I’m happy to see that a higher power has done this topic some justice. The magazine covers food found in early Namco games, as well as how to create special desserts that honor past Namco characters.

We have some earlier coverage of R: Racing Evolution, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Phantasia, and a game called Hachiemon, which looks absolutely wild.

We see Time Crisis 3 for the PlayStation 2, not sure I ever played that port, home Time Crisis is odd without the pedal. Dead to Rights makes an appearance as well as Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded.

Around this time in the magazine, we’re seeing coverage of unique pre-smartphone games that just basically ran on the Java that was on the phone itself. I worry that these are lost to time, unless someone downloaded it 20 years ago and kept it on their phone…and also kept that phone.

I guess I’ll be optimistic about that. 🙂

Page 3: 特集 グルメな貴公子ナジャブが贈る

Page 10: ナンジャ回覧板

Page 12: 開発者爆裂トーク
PS2・GC・XBOX R:レーシングエヴォリューション/
GC テイルズ オブ シンフォニア/GBA テイルズ オブ ファンタジア/
GBA ハチエモン/PS2 タイムクライシス3/PS2 デッド トゥ ライツ/
PS2 ゼノサーガ エピソードⅠ リローディッド[力への意志]

Page 20: ナムコ・ドンだ〜ページ出張版
●PS2 太鼓の達人 ドキッ!新曲だらけの春祭り

Page 21: ミスタードリラー「酸欠新聞 第10号」

Page 22: プレイステーションBBで
●PSBB いくねこ

Page 23: NEW MACHINE FLASH 新製品を狙え!

Page 24: プリ大好き女子高生
ミカのWEB日記を大公開! 花鳥風月

Page 26: 新着 ケータイで遊ぼう
/CR ゼビウス

Page 29: ワクワク系ロケーション通信
「ナムコランド アルプラザ鹿島店」

Page 33: ラジオインフォメーション

Page 3: Special feature: Gourmand nobleman Najab presents
Delicious relationship

Page 10: Namja Circulation Board

Page 12: Developer Explosion Talk
PS2 / GC / XBOX R: Racing Evolution /
GC Tales of Symphonia / GBA Tales of Phantasia /
GBA Hachiemon / PS2 Time Crisis 3 / PS2 Dead to Lights /
PS2 Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded [Will for Power]

Page 20: Namco Don ~ Page Business Trip Version
● PS2 Taiko no Tatsujin Doki! Spring festival full of new songs

Page 21: Mr. Driller "Anoxia Newspaper No. 10"

Page 22: At PlayStation BB
Let's enjoy "Namco Channel"!
● PSBB Ikuneko

Page 23: NEW MACHINE FLASH Aim for new products!
● Shepherd Petter

Page 24: Pre-loved high school girl
Mika's WEB diary is open to the public! Kacho Fugetsu

Page 26: New arrival Let's play with a mobile phone
/ CR Zebius

Page 29: Exciting location communication
"Namcoland Al Plaza Kashima"

Page 33: Radio Information

Enjoy it now. PDF, PDF compressed with OCR, CBZ and RAW scans:

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